Meet Angry Baker

Welcome to the Meet Angry Baker page. Angry Baker owns his own fictional bake shop in Calgary, Alberta. It is a very busy bakery and at times, it can be very stressful for him.

The reason Angry Baker gets so angry is because of the stress he is under. Despite the fact that he does get so angry, Angry Baker does have a reputation of being the best baker in the city.

The reason I created the Angry Baker character is because I do like to bake. However, sometimes my baked goods do not turn out as good as they should and when this happens, I get very angry with myself.

I created the Angry Baker character in July of 2016. He was part of my Halloween and Monster Story Challenge 2016.

The Angry Baker has a fiancée, Melissa. Melissa works at the fictional National Sugar Distributing Company. She helps Angry Baker get ingredients for his baked goods.

Melissa spends a lot of time at the bakery and she has been responsible for some of the new baked creations. She has mistakenly dropped or spilled ingredients into batters. This angers Angry Baker but his customers always seem to like the new creations.

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