Meet Mrs. Robin

Mrs. Robin lives in a nest she built out of grass and mud. The nest is situated at the top of a tall balsam poplar tree in a park on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta.

Mrs. Robin has three children. All three children were hatched from small blue eggs. She works very hard finding worms for her children to eat. They are constantly hungry.

Because she has three young children, she must protect them from dangers such as predators and them falling out of the nest. She is always frightened for their safety and because of that, it has made her into a complete worrywart.

Mrs. Robin expects respect from her children for all the hard work she has done in raising them. She also expects her children to have respect for each other as well as other animals.

In Mrs. Robin’s world, everything is perfect for her children. She does not let them see anything in their life that is frightening. She knows what it is like to live in fear and she doesn’t want that kind of life for her children.

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