Pancake Man Story Card


Pancake Man Story Card


Pancake Man Story Card

Pancake Man Story Card Set – $9.95 CDN

I am very excited to announce my new product idea for young children. This product is called “Storyland Story Cards”. This is my first set of Storyland Story Cards that I have for sale.

What you get with this Storyland Card Set is:
1. 8.5 x 11 laminated Story Card
2. 3 laminated Story Pieces
3. An activity book

So, you may be wondering what Storyland Cards are all about. Storyland Cards are an interactive system for children to tell their own stories using the Story Card and the Story Pieces. Children can tell tales of Pancake Man using a jug of maple syrup on his plate of golden pancakes. The activity book contains a story that children can read and then place the Story Pieces onto the Story Card in the proper places.

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