List of Stories with the phrase “Green Men”

The phrase “Green Men” …

The phrase “green men” refers to aliens that live on Mars. Green men also refer to the small feisty leprechauns because they do wear St. Patrick’s Day dance. Little Green Men are fictional. I have written several stories that contain the phrase “green men”. You will find samples of the way I used the phrase “green men” in some of my stories.

  • Little Green Men – The Poor Mountain Family saw a group of little green men standing in a field.
  • The Pea Pods St. Patrick’s Day – Sue asked the Pea Pod family if they knew of any little green men that carried pots of gold with them.
  • Kitty and Lucky – Lucky told Kitty that little green men come from Ireland.

Below please find a list of stories on the Storyland website containing the phrase “Green Men”

  1. Kitty and Lucky - February 4, 2008
  2. Little Green Men - March 16, 2006
  3. The Pea Pods St. Patrick’s Day - February 5, 2008

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