Father’s Day Flu

“Happy Father’s Day!” screamed Annie, Jason, and Jeremy, Daddy Parker’s three children, bringing him breakfast in bed. 

“Thank you children,” said Daddy Parker, trying to eat the breakfast his children made for him. “Unfortunately, I am not feeling well. I think I have the flu.” 

“Oh dear,” said Delores, his wife. “I have to work this morning. Do you want me to call in and stay home?” 

“We can take care of Daddy,” said Annie.  

“I would appreciate that,” said Mommy. “Daddy needs his rest so maybe you children can watch tv or play quietly. I will only be a couple hours.” 

“We can do that,” said Jason. 

The three children let their father sleep and while he slept, they each cleaned up the kitchen. They were so quiet that Daddy Parker didn’t hear a sound. After his nap, Daddy Parker did feel a little better so he went downstairs to see what the children were doing. He was surprised to see what a wonderful job they did cleaning up the kitchen. 

“You children are amazing,” said Daddy Parker. “I am feeling a little better and I could use some fresh air. How about we go outside? We could sit on the patio.” 

The children enjoyed sitting with Daddy Parker on the patio. They loved the fresh air and it really helped Daddy Parker feel better. 

“The children really helped me feel better today,” Daddy Parker explained to his wife, Delores, when she came home from work. 

“We really do have amazing children,” said Delores. 

“We certainly do,” said Daddy Parker. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Children can help out when needed.
  • Example: Daddy Parker had the flu but his children helped clean up while he recuperated.
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