I thought it would be fun to make a list of the accomplishments of my website, Storyland over the years.

  1. Did you know Storyland has over 2100 stories for you to read, like and share?
  2. Did you know that all the stories on the Storyland website are written by one person, me, Deb Williamson?
  3. Did you know the Storyland website is 100% Canadian?
  4. Did you know that there are over 120 characters on the Storyland website?
  5. Did you know my story, April Fool’s Day, was published in the Scouting Life Magazine in their March/April 2009 issue?
  6. Did you know the Bed Tyme Tales website started in 2001 and in July 2018 the name was changed to Storyland?
  7. Did you know some of the first Bed Tyme Tales stories were first published in the EMC Record News newspaper in Smiths Falls, Ontario?
  8. Did you know that when Hewlett Packard had a service called Instant Delivery, that my stories received more downloads than Calvin and Hobbs and National Geographic?
  9. Did you know the very first character I wrote about was Racum Raccoon?
  10. Did you know the very first story I ever wrote was called “The Tale of Racum and Bear“.
  11. Did you know that so far, I have not run out of ideas and am coming up with new ones all the time?
  12. Did you know that my family is the greatest inspiration for most of my stories? In fact, most of my stories are based on them.
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