Happy Heart and Bad Teeth Bradley

“It is Valentine’s Day,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, looking at the Valentine candy in the window of the candy store. “That candy looks so good. I really wish I could have some.” Bad Teeth Bradley loved candy but he also had rotten teeth. His dentist, Dr. Stevens, had done extensive work on Bad Teeth Bradley’s […] Read More

Mr. Rubberman Visits Bad Teeth Bradley

“I see it is Halloween again,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “I wonder if I should bother going trick-or-treating. Dr. Stevens will probably just take my candy away anyway.” Bad Teeth Bradley was referring to the fact that Dr. Stevens, his dentist, always seems to find him and his candy, no matter what he does. Dr. […] Read More

Bad Teeth Bradley Lost his Candy

Bad Teeth Bradley was trick-or-treating on Halloween night. He set his bag of candy down on a bench. He turned to sit down beside it. He saw Dr. Stevens, his dentist, walking toward him. “Oh dear!” exclaimed Bad Teeth Bradley, pushing the bag of candy onto the ground. “Hi Bad Teeth Bradley,” said Dr. Stevens. […] Read More

Meet Bad Teeth Bradley

Bad Teeth Bradley is a six foot six tall and very slim monster. He has one bad habit and that bad habit is that he loves candy. He eats candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He has eaten so much candy in his life that his teeth are now rotten. Bad Teeth Bradley spends all […] Read More

Bad Teeth Bradley

It was close to Halloween. A brand new candy store just opened up. Bad Teeth Bradley, a six foot six tall and very slim monster, found out about it through a flyer he received in the mail. “I can’ t wait to check out this brand new candy store,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. The grand […] Read More